Pangdam Tanjungpura after the departure of 84 Apter personnel to Papua


PAPUADAILY –Pangdam XII/Tanjungpura Maj. Gen. Muhammad Nur Rahmad released the departure of 84 personnel of the Territorial Apparatus Thickening Task Force (Apter) for the preparatory Kodim in the Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih and Kodam XVIII/Kasuari areas.

“Today, as many as 84 Apter personnel from the Kodam XII/Tpr line units were dispatched to fill a number of preparatory Kodim in Eastern Indonesia, namely Papua and West Papua Provinces,” said Military Commander Maj. Gen. Muhammad Nur Rahmad, in Pontianak, Monday.

The Pangdam explained that the purpose of their assignment was to carry out territorial duties and cooperate with the government, police and community leaders in fostering the community in the assigned area, in accordance with the regional potential to create security in their assigned area, while also helping to overcome the difficulties of the surrounding community.

He added that the trust and honor given by the TNI-AD leadership to the 6th Territorial Apparatus Thickening Task Force of Kodam XII/Tpr will be carried out as well as possible and full of responsibility.

“Therefore, you must be ready physically and mentally to mobilize all the best resources and abilities you have for the success of the assignment,” he said.

On that occasion, Pangdam XII/Tpr advised all Apter personnel, including to always carry out worship according to their respective religions and upon arrival at the assignment area, to adapt to the environment and regional conditions, recognize various problems and potential threats that may arise and analyze the situation. quickly, precisely and accurately in order to avoid mistakes in every action.

“Every problem encountered, immediately communicate and coordinate with related parties, so that the best solution is obtained. Never hesitate to carry out this noble task, because in essence the task we carry out is worship, and protect the good name of Kodam XII/Tpr by avoiding all forms of violations. and acts that are not commendable,” he ordered.