Pamtas Task Force Battalion 403/WP Supports Keerom Regency Government’s Accelerate Program


PAPUADAILY –In order to increase the solidarity of religious communities, the personnel of the Somography Post of the Pamtas Task Force Battalion 403/Wirasada Pratista together with the community worked together to clean, renovate and paint the Santa Maria Church in Somografi Village, Web District, Keerom Regency, Papua.

This was conveyed by Dansatgas Pamtas Battalion 403/Wirasada Pratista Lt. Col. Inf. Ade Pribadi Siregar, S.E., M.Sc., in a written release in Keerom Regency, Papua. Saturday, (03/07/21).

Dansatgas revealed that this activity is a series of territorial activities of the Pamtas Battalion 403/Wirasada Pratista in supporting religious activities in the RI-PNG border area of ​​Papua Province, with the aim of providing comfort and wisdom for the Catholic community in carrying out worship every Sunday and one of them help residents prepare worship facilities ahead of the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

“We want residents in the border areas to really feel the presence of the TNI which can also be an extension of the Keerom Regency Government and the State in helping the community in various aspects of life, both in joy and sorrow, especially in increasing the values ​​of religious tolerance. , said Dansatgas.

In a separate place, Letda Inf Muhammad Raka Regnata who directly led this activity explained that the activities carried out in stages were cleaning the outside by trimming the grass in the church yard, fixing the roof and walls of the church and making the pulpit of the Santa Maria Somografi Church then painting the building and Church fences that have started to dull.

“Now the Santa Maria Church congregation feels very happy even though it is still under renovation and revamping the Church which was initiated by the Somography Post of Battalion 403/Wirasada Pratista, residents feel very grateful to God and residents feel ready to welcome Christmas in comfort thanks to the church’s relaxed atmosphere. later it will be cleaner, newer and more colorful than before,” said Raka.

“Hopefully, with activities like this, it will be more encouraging for residents to care more and understand the importance of cooperation and mutual cooperation in every activity,” concluded Raka.

In line with this, the Head of Youth for the Somography Village, Mr. Yusup Ibe (25) expressed his gratitude to the Keerom Regent and the Keerom government through the Pamtas Battalion 403/Wirasada Pratista Somografi Post who were willing to carry out the cleaning, renovation and painting of the Santa Maria Church in the Somografi village so that the community feel happy and can carry out worship more comfortably, therefore the people of Somografi village once again thank you, may the Lord Jesus Bless.

“On behalf of the Catholics and at the same time as the head of the Santa Maria Santo Bonifransius Station, the Dean of Keerom Diocese of Jayapura Papua, I would like to thank the Keerom government who, through the fathers of the TNI Post Somography Task Force Pamtas Battalion 403/Wirasada Pratista, is willing to help accelerate the construction of the Santa Catholic Church Maria, Construction of the Catholic Church on the RI-PNG border Somography Station renovation so that we people feel happy and comfortable in carrying out worship every Sunday, Christmas and Easter to get closer to God, once again I thank you, may the Lord Jesus Bless, “said Yusuf.