Nowela Idol and Arie Kriting Call for Indonesian Unity


PAPUADAILY –The appearance of the name Nagita Slavina, the wife of the famous artist Raffi Ahmad, became an icon of PON and the proposal of Arie Kriting and other Papuans to include indigenous Papuan women attracted the attention of all circles.

This problem arouses the sense of nationality of the Papuan people as part of the Indonesian nation, citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.  This is contrary to the illusion of a few people who continue to commemorate July 1 as Papua’s independence day.

In a virtual discussion held by INC TV, it was discussed that Papua is a cultural treasure that has its own characteristics as part of Indonesian civilization.

According to the organizer, Ali A.H., since the pre-independence era, Papua has been united with other regions of eastern Indonesia such as Sulawesi, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara and others in the Melanesian race.

“Actually, Papuans are proud to be part of Indonesia, Papuan civilization is part of Indonesian civilization, so it is only natural that in the XX PON in Papua, young people want to present a representation of Papua’s indigenous cultural identity in the national performance,” he said.

In a written statement, he explained that the polemic about the icon of the XX Papua PON has made people aware that Papuans are very proud to be a part of Indonesian civilization which has characteristics like other regions.  That Papua is very valuable and capable of providing value to the Indonesian nation.

“This is proof of the statement by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs that Papuans are satisfied with Indonesia’s policies in the easternmost province, even 82% strongly agree with the existence of special autonomy and only 8% reject it,” he explained.

This pride was also felt by the winner of Indonesia Idol, Nowela in the We Talkshow entitled “Papua and Civilizatioan: an Insider perspective” organized by Compass Media in collaboration with INC TV and NU Channel (30/06/2021).

Seeing the very close Papuan brotherhood, when Nowela won Indonesian Idol in 2014, she was very moved by most of the people in Papua celebrating it with convoys on the streets and she was given special treatment because bringing the name of Papua to the national level.

Judging from the brotherhood, Papua can unite to be part of a better Indonesia.  “This sense of unity cannot be destroyed by any of our backgrounds.  We as sons and daughters of Papua must give the best and show that we are part of Indonesia.  Through Papua, Indonesia will become a better nation,” said the artist who is currently going to various remote areas to provide training and vocational training to the community.

The forum, which was broadcast live virtually on INC TV and NU Channel, presented Nowela Mikhelia (Singer, Indonesian Idol Winner), Putri Nere (Miss Papua 2006), Stephen Wally (Papuan musician), and Dr Sastro al Ngatawi (Cultural) as well as at  guided by Arie Kriting (artist and comedian from eastern Indonesia).

“This forum is very important to foster mutual embrace, hand in hand, one for Papua,” said Arie Kriting.

“Actually, there is nothing that prevents Papua from taking part and showing its talents in Indonesia and it must be seen from two sides;  the first side is the Government which opens space for Papuans, the other side is the Papuans themselves who must seize the opportunity, even though it is ‘complicated’ but it is the ‘complicated’ that is needed,” concluded Arie Kriting.