Not only beautiful scenery, Papua also has betel lime

Bukan Cuma Pemandangan Indah, Papua Juga Punya Pinang Kapur Sirih

Earth of Cenderawasih in the eastern part of Indonesia does have its own magnetic data for tourists. In fact, it is not only the natural wealth that is charming, but also the culinary.

You’d be wrong if you thought there was only papeda here. Various other foods that are no less unique with papeda and also no less delicious with food in other areas are also here.

Not surprisingly, at several points on the streets, red spots are often found from the chewing of areca nut siri.

Areca nut can be eaten directly or peeled for the seeds. After that, the betel nut is chewed while preparing the betel nut which is dipped with lime to be chewed along with the areca nut.

“The fruit can be eaten with the skin or peeled, then discard the water when chewed so that it is not bitter,” said Lulaeng, a mace in Papua while chewing areca nut.

This areca nut has a rough texture, slightly bitter taste, and a little spicy. Betel nut chewing water should be discarded three or more times until the bitter taste is reduced.

The first time you chew betel nut whiting can make you a little dizzy. According to Mace, this is normal and can be overcome by drinking lots of water or sweet drinks.

Papuans can chew betel every day after eating or before eating. Many people believe that chewing betel nut helps teeth and gums to be healthier and stronger.


The price range of areca nut sold is usually Rp. 5 thousand to Rp. 10 thousand, depending on the number of betel nuts. The seller usually includes the complete betel and lime in one package.