National Team Legend Jersey Auctioned to Support NTT PON Football Team, Wins IDR 101,500,000


PAPUADAILY –Jerseys for a number of Indonesian football legends, were auctioned in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara, on Saturday (11/9/2021). IDR 101,500,000 was raised to support the NTT football team at the Papua National Sports Week (PON).

There were five jerseys auctioned by the candidate for the Chair of the PSSI Asprov NTT Farry Djemi Francis with his deputy, David Fulbertus.

The five jerseys auctioned were the jerseys of former national team goalkeeper Yudo Hadiyanto in the 1970s, and the jerseys of several former national team players Herry Kiswanto, Rully Nere, and Bambang Nurdiansyah. There is also the jersey of former national team coach Rahmad Dharmawan.

The auction for the certified jersey was conducted to support the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) football team which returned to compete in the Papua PON after 30 years of vacuum.

The results of the national team legend jersey auction reached Rp. 101,500,000 with one of the jerseys being valued at up to Rp. 25 million.

Farry Francis symbolically handed over the auction results to the chairman of the event committee, David Fulbertus, which was then handed over to the Secretary of Asprov PSSI NTT, Lambert Tukan.

The handover ceremony was held at Bali United Kupang Field, Saturday (11/9/2021).

“This is not a tinned jersey, but a real jersey. Signed by former national players who are legends of the national team and mostly from Liga 1 and League 2,” said Fary. Quoted by

Fary explained, the five legendary national team players agreed to fully support the NTT football team that will compete in the Papua PON.

“The results of this auction are to provide encouragement for the NTT football team which is currently ready to compete in PON. This is our dream, NTT can compete in PON again,” added Fary.

Fary said he still remembers 30 years ago when he competed in the PON against NTT.

However, at that time Fary defended the East Timor PON team, which is still the 27th province of Indonesia.

“I still remember 30 years ago that NTT football also passed the PON. After that we didn’t qualify anymore. I also played in the PON team, but not defending NTT. I played as a goalkeeper for the East Timor team,” he said.

“At that time we also faced the NTT team, but the result was a draw.”

According to him, all the community must support and appreciate the PSSI NTT Asprov which has brought back the football team to qualify for the PON.

Fary also appreciated the five winners of the jersey auction who had supported the NTT football team in their own way.

“I handed these five national team jerseys to the organizer, namely David Fulbertus, iy will be sent to the winners of the auction. This is our sense of pride for the NTT football team,” he said.

Fary emphasized that the money from the auction was given to all football players as pocket money.

“More of the funds disbursed are for additional pocket money for the players. Please take care of other funds, but this one is to support their pocket money, maybe for souvenirs or to tourist attractions in Papua,” explained Fary.

PSSI NTT Asprov Secretary Lambertus Ara Tukan expressed his gratitude for the attention of Fary Francis and football observers in NTT.

“The amount of money is not a measure, but pride in the NTT football team must be increased,” said Lambertus.

Lambertus said that the provincial government allocated IDR 2 billion specifically for the sport of football, which arrived in Yogyakarta two days ago to undergo a trial.

“Once again, thank you to Mr. Fary, who has tried to contribute to the development of NTT football in the PON event,” he said.***