Mass Rage at Yalimo also Blocks Airport


PAPUADAILY –Dissatisfaction with the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) which disqualified the candidate pair for Regent and Deputy Regent Yalimo Erdi Dabi-Jhon Wilil made the masses go berserk.  After burning the KPU office to the Yalimo DPRD Building, Papua, it was continued by blocking the airport.

As is known, the destruction and arson in Yalimo took place on Tuesday (29/6/2021) afternoon.  There were 8 government offices that were burned by the mob, namely the KPU office, Bawaslu office, Gakkumdu office, DPRD office, Health Office office, BPMK office, Transportation office, Bank Papua.

In addition to government offices, a number of buildings belonging to residents were also damaged and burned.  Not only that, the masses also closed all access roads around the location.  Then block the airport.

“The airport is still blocked and the road from Wamena is also blocked. We are still communicating with several parties,” said Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Kombes Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, Wednesday (30/6/2021).

The cause of the crowd’s outcry was suspected to be the Constitutional Court’s decision.  Kamal said the crowd started to rage after hearing the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the disqualification of the candidate pair they supported.

The police also met with a number of religious leaders and Yalimo community leaders to discuss the situation.  Yalimo Police Chief AKBP Hesman S Napitupulu accompanied by Karangka Kodim Major Inf Tri Fachriansyah met local community leaders.

The TNI-Polri continue to try to prevent victims by securing the community to their respective posts.  Meetings with religious and community leaders were also held to calm the residents.

“We hope that the community can restrain themselves and not be easily provoked by irresponsible parties and do not take actions that can harm each other. Let’s work together to maintain the security and social order situation so that conduciveness is created in Yalimo Regency,” he said.