Kuala Kencana: Modern City in Papua Forest, First in Indonesia to Have Dirty Water Treatment


PAPUADAILY –The Kuala Kencana residential complex is located in the middle of the forest. But unexpectedly, this complex has modern facilities, being the first city in Indonesia to have a dirty water treatment system. This complex is the venue for the XX PON marathon.

When the marathon was held a few days ago, Kuala Kencana, which is usually quiet, looked busy. The best athletes in the country in the men’s and women’s 20 km fast walk, as well as the men’s and women’s marathon running at PON XX/2021 Papua. Volunteers, officials, and residents have been busy since the early hours of the morning.

“The track is good, along the road there are lots of green trees. After PON, there is a marathon race here again,” said Triyaningsih, a runner from DKI Jakarta, who finished second and won silver in the women’s marathon. Quoted by Detiknews.com

Similar expressions were also spoken by other athletes. Some even said that the track at Kuala Kencana was one of the best compared to the previous competitions.

After the race, they also took the time to take pictures in front of the fountain. What appears to be an iron sculpture by I Nyoman Nuarta. Precisely in the middle of the Kuala Kencana square.

The statue is a bird statue made in a circular shape and the tail is made long, a symbol of longevity and a symbol of life and luck as the ideals of the Kamoro people. There is also a turtle shell motif that symbolizes the ability to live in two realms, on land and sea.

“Kuala Kencana City is a residential area designated for Freeport employees. When PON is used as a venue for marathon running and fast walks. Kuala Kencana and its natural beauty, tropical forests are still beautiful so oxygen is very good,” said Samsul Arifin, superintendent of WSS & GMTC Lowland PT Freeport Indonesia.

Samsul said, Kuala Kencana is 100 percent open to the public. From Monday to Sunday. Make the incoming car will be marked with a sticker.

However, there is no public transportation in and out of Kuala Kencana from downtown Timika. Even in the city of Timika there is no public transportation.

“This is to facilitate evacuation and help if something happens in Kuala Kencana. It can be easier to conduct an investigation. For example, a car arrives and an accident occurs,” said Samsul.

The facilities at Kuala Kencana, which have an area of ​​17,078 hectares, are very complete and quite modern. Samsul said that in Kuala Kencana there are 489 houses and apartments divided into two RWs, schools from kindergarten to high school, and places of worship, health clinics, shopping centers, salons, and fitness centers, as well as golf courses.

In addition to good facilities, Kuala Kencana is also a pioneer in the city that has dirty water treatment.

“Since it was built in 1993, Kuala Kencana has also built an STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) to treat and handle domestic dirty water produced from housing in Kuala Kencana. The Kuala Kencana STP can accommodate around 2000m3/day of dirty water per day,” said Samsul.

“The tightening of clean water usage in Kuala Kencana is also limited to saving underground water reserves (ABT),” he said.***