KSP encourages acceleration of human resource development in Papua


PAPUADAILY –The Presidential Staff Office encourages Tambrauw Regency, West Papua Province, to focus on developing human resources (HR) so that in the future economic growth can be fundamentally better.

Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko in a virtual hearing in the Situation Room of Bina Graha Building, Jakarta, Thursday said KSP will assist Tambrauw Regency with various related institutions and ministries to increase development in the area.

“KSP will remind other institutions and ministries about this. Then for the development of human resources through education, please prepare as well as possible so that Papuan children can also be competitive. Don’t let other people fill important positions in Papua,” said Moeldoko.


Deputy III of the Presidential Chief of Staff for Economic Affairs, Panutan Sulendrakusuma, said that the economy will grow if human resources are ready.

He explained, from the programs offered in the audience, it seemed that there was a need to focus on human resource development.

“One thing that is necessary is to develop skills education. For example, there is a BLK (Job Training Center) which is based on the community based on the needs of the local community,” explained Panutan.

In the hearing, the Regent of Tambrauw Gabriel Asem said that the development in his area was not like the development of a city in general. This is because this district is an expansion area and is still new, where access is not optimal.

“There are several problems and obstacles that we mapped out, namely isolation between regions, inadequate housing, production is not optimal, electricity network, customary land rights, limitations of APBD, and district capitals that are included in protected forest areas,” explained Gabriel.

During the hearing, Gabriel also presented some data from Tambrauw Regency, including the poverty rate of 36.67 percent of the 30 percent target, GDP per capita of Rp. 9 million from the target of Rp. 10.5 million, the Gini ratio of 0.365 from the target of 0.355, and the unemployment rate of 1.17 percent. from the target of 1.15 percent.

Tambrauw Regency is one of the focuses of determining underdeveloped regions for 2020-2024 based on Presidential Regulation Number 63 of 2020.

Meanwhile, based on PP Number 78 of 2014 concerning the Acceleration of Development of Disadvantaged Regions, the criteria for underdeveloped regions are determined based on the community’s economy, human resources, facilities and infrastructure, regional financial capacity, accessibility, and certain regional characteristics.

In the 2021 RKP development matrix, the Papua Customary Territory Development Priority Project (Domberay) aims to increase the Human Development Index (HDI) in 11 regencies/cities in West Papua Province, one of which is Tambrauw Regency.

Agencies that have development programs are in the Ministry of Villages PDTT, Ministry of KUKM, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of PUPR, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Communication and Information Ministry of Transportation, and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.