KSAD General Dudung Calls Papuan Terrorist Groups Need to Embrace

KSAD Jenderal Dudung Sebut Kelompok Teroris Papua Perlu Dirangkul

Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General TNI Dudung Abdurachman made a series of working visits in eastern Indonesia, Wednesday (11/23/2021). The working visit was started by visiting the ranks of the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command.

There, the Army Chief of Staff made advances and gave direct instructions to TNI AD soldiers. The first briefing was made to Soldier Battalion R 754/ENK Kostrad and the Task Force in Mimika Regency.

In his briefing, the Army Chief of Staff emphasized that TNI AD soldiers should always be present in the community. Dudung also asked his soldiers to always be a solution to the people’s difficulties so as to foster people’s love and pride for the TNI AD.

“Guidelines for the Seven Daily Commandments of the Army Chief of Staff, which include the implementation of the Soldier’s Oath, the Sapta Marga and 8 mandatory military personnel,” said Dudung in a written statement, Thursday (11/25/2021).

General Dudung advised that the Army Task Force assigned to Papua should not regard the Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) as an enemy. However, they consider them as people who need to be embraced with a pure and sincere heart, and given an understanding of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Invite them to join together to build Papua, because they are brothers and sisters in the country,” he said.

He emphasized that the benchmark for the success of an Army soldier in Papua is when they are loved, loved, proud and admired by the Papuan people.

“Therefore, in our duty to always love the Papuan people, so that in the end the Papuan people will love the TNI,” he said.

In addition, he also advised officers to be at the forefront of making decisions. So that the decisions taken will be wise and not arbitrarily.

“Officers must love their subordinates and do not get into the habit of blaming others and carry out their duties optimally. Officers on duty must have imagination, innovation, vision and mission, hopes and ideals,” he said.

It is known that the KSAD’s activities were then continued centrally at Makodam XVII/Cenderawasih in Jayapura, as well as providing guidance to the Battalion 711/RKS Task Force and Battalion 126/KCS in Rindam XVII/Cenderawasih.

After his working visit to the Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih area, the Army Chief of Staff immediately went to West Papua. His presence in the Kodam XVIII/Kasuari area was greeted directly by Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa and the Forkopimda West Papua accompanied by dances typical of West Papua as a traditional welcoming procession.

On this day, the Army Chief of Staff and General Chairperson of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana will visit the XVIII/Kasuari Military Command Headquarters to meet with the Soldiers and provide guidance. Directions will be given to the Unit and Persit Commanders of the XVIII/Kasuari Military Command. After West Papua, General Dudung and his entourage will go to Kodam XIV/Hasanuddin.