KPU Chair and Bawaslu Chair Yalimo Vote to Resign to Make the Atmosphere More Conducive


PAPUADAILY –Chairman of the General Election Commission (KPU) Yalimo Papua Province, Yehemia Walianggen and Chairman of the General Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Yalimo, Habakuk Mabel chose to resign from their positions to make the atmosphere more conducive.

Both felt that they were unable to carry out their duties again as the Constitutional Court (MK) decided to hold the re-election (PSU) of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Yalimo for the second time.

The chairman of the Yalimo KPU, Yehemia Walianggen, said the various stages of the election had been carried out optimally, including the PSU of the two districts, but all the results were canceled by the Constitutional Court.

“I personally stated that I would not carry out the PSU process (for the second time) in Yalimo again and would convey to my leadership at the Provincial KPU and the Indonesian KPU if I were to step down from the position of Chairperson of the Yalimo KPU,” he said as reported by Antara, Tuesday (6/06/2020).  7/2021).

According to him, if re-election is forced, it will be very dangerous because it will lead to horizontal conflict between the people, especially the KPU organizers.

The chairman of Bawaslu, Yalimo Habakuk Mabel, admitted that he immediately submitted his resignation from his position because regional conditions did not guarantee his safety as the organizer.

“In principle, the Chairperson of the KPU and Bawaslu Yalimo will not carry out the Constitutional Court’s decision for the PSU again and choose to resign because we have made preparations for the December 2020 and PSU elections in May 2021. However, because the Constitutional Court’s decision is unclear, we cannot force it  this stage,” he said.

At the election stage for the first regent and the first PSU in the two districts, the organizers faced a difficult situation but tried to make all the processes successful and the Constitutional Court’s decision emerged for the PSU to be carried out again.

“Although the Constitutional Court’s decision is final and binding, in principle we cannot enforce it because the conditions experienced in the regions are very difficult. We organizers were threatened with all-out threats. We felt yesterday that it was a success but everything was cancelled,” he said.

He was worried that if the Constitutional Court’s decision was implemented, it would not only have an impact, such as the destruction or burning of government facilities, but could also result in physical violence against the Yalimo community.

“I don’t want to supervise this stage (the second PSU) because with the decision of the Constitutional Court yesterday, the community spontaneously destroyed and burned local government facilities and no longer caused physical violence to other communities,” he said.