Kodam is ready to help the local government implement the Emergency Balanced PPKM in West Papua


PAPUADAILY –The Regional Military Command (Kodam) XVIII/Kasuari will help the local government implement the Imposition of Imbalance Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in West Papua Province in order to suppress the spread of COVID-19.

“Regarding the Emergency PPKM, the results of the meeting with the Governor and the Kapolda starting from July 3 to 20, we will open command posts at airports and ports, checking ID cards that do not have a West Papuan ID card are not allowed to enter West Papua,” said the Commander of the XVIII Military Region. / Cassowary Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa as quoted from his written statement received in Jakarta, Friday (2/7/2021).

Not only posts at airports and ports, Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari will also deploy additional troops in a number of areas in West Papua to prevent crowds.

Troops under the auspices of Kodam XVIII/Kasuari will also assist the government in supervising the implementation of Micro PPKM at the village and sub-district levels, as well as taking firm action against health protocol violators.

The TNI will also assist officers in guarding border areas and securing cross-regional transportation. “The increase in COVID-19 cases is due to mobility. Therefore, there must be an antigen swab (test) at the entrance to West Papua (airport and port),” said Cantiasa.

In addition to limiting migrants from entering West Papua, Kodam XVIII/Kasuari will also help prepare hospital facilities and infrastructure, conduct regular coordination and socialization meetings, and take action against perpetrators of counterfeiting COVID-19 test results.

“Effectively implement 3M and 3T. Limit entry and exit to the West Papua region. Perform antigen swab and self-isolation. Prepare self-isolation facilities and infrastructure in the unit. Hold regular coordination meetings to evaluate and formulate strategic steps. Strict coordination with relevant stakeholders (stakeholders, ed). Creative and innovative in carrying out socialization,” said the Pangdam to his staff during the meeting.

Emergency PPKM, as ordered by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, will take effect in the provinces of Java and Bali on 3-20 July 2021. Meanwhile, the Minister of Home Affairs through the Minister of Home Affairs Instruction No. 15/2021 asked regional heads whose territories are outside Java and Bali to continue micro-scale PPKM.

In addition to limiting activities, the Pangdam also said that he would help the government achieve the target of one million vaccinations per day.

Therefore, Kodam XVIII/Kasuari will hold mass vaccinations called Vaccination Assault in several places in West Papua, including the Wosi Market (3 July); Hadi Mall Manokwari (7-8 July); Rindam XVIII/Kasiari (5 July); Manokwari Port (July 21); Warmare Koramil (July 22); SD 8 Arfai (24 July); and White Sand Tourist Beach (July 28).

Not only in Manokwari, mass vaccination will also take place in Sorong, said Pangdam Cantiasa. “Meanwhile, in other districts, the (vaccination) is carried out by the Kodim in collaboration with the local district health office,” he added, quoted from the same statement.