Knowing How to Hunt the Abar Village Community


PAPUADAILY –The people of Kampung Abar are known as pottery-producing villages that still exist in Papua.  Most of the people’s livelihood is hunting.

Kampung Abar is located on Lake Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Papua.  The location is not far from Sentani Airport. In everyday life, they also still know the traditional hunting tradition tradisi

Hunting is done by Abar’s men.  The animals targeted for hunting are deer, monitor lizards, cuscus, kangaroos, moles, wild boars and several types of birds. Usually in hunting, the Abar people are assisted by dogs that are specially trained to chase game animals.  When surrounded, animals will be targeted with arrows or spears.

One group of hunters in Kampung Abar usually consists of four or five people.  While hunting by setting snares is carried out by only one or two people. Snares are used to catch live animals, such as kangaroos, moles or birds.  As bait, Kampung Abar usually uses dry coconut.

The snares are installed in the forest or savanna far from the settlement of Kampung Abar.  The snares are installed in the afternoon, then checked the next day.  Beyond that, the entangled animal will surely die.

In hunting pigs, if you get piglets, the piglets will be brought to Kampung Abar to be raised.  In the past, Abar hunters believed in magical powers, such as chanting certain incantations to bless each hunting tool in order to get a lot of prey.

The game will be sold at Sentani Old Market in the afternoon.  For one cuscus, the price is Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 500,000. But unfortunately the hunting can threaten the sustainability of endemic animals, such as kangaroos, cuscus and various other bird species.

Socialization and campaigns need to be carried out in Kampung Abar.  This activity is to invite the concern of all parties in preserving the endemic fauna of Papua.*