KKB Gunfight with TNI in Kiwirok, PKB Politicians Urge to Reveal Weapons Suppliers


PAPUADAILY –Another shootout occurred between TNI personnel from the Pamtas 403/WP Task Force and the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Papua. This time it happened in Kiwirok District, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua, Monday (13/9/2021). Deputy Chairperson of the MPR from the PKB faction Jazilul Fawaid urged the TNI to reveal the suppliers of weapons owned by the KKB.

“I hope that the approach taken to resolve the conflict in Papua is more holistic and more sophisticated so that the KKB in Papua can be crushed to its roots,” Jazilul said in his statement, Tuesday (14/9/2021). Quoted from Sindonews.com.

Jazilul asked the TNI-Polri to disclose weapons suppliers to the KKB. “I think we have to find the root, one of which is their network must be cut off. Including the network to get weapons,” urged this member of Commission III of the DPR.

According to Jazilul, the prolonged and repeated conflict in Papua shows the lack of sophisticated apparatus in mapping the field as well as in mitigating and anticipating any KKB movement.

He said that the supply of weapons and the types of weapons used by the KKB could not be weapons produced in Papua.

“They are not too big a group, the TNI, which is so big, should be able to crush this down to its roots so it doesn’t keep appearing every year, every season. One of them is looking for brains and weapons suppliers from where they get their weapons,” he said.

On the other hand, he added, in dealing with problems in Papua, other approaches must also be taken, namely the humanitarian, cultural and welfare approach.

This approach, he continued, was similar to what the 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH. Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur). “That’s what I call the approach must be holistic, must be comprehensive,” he said.

For information, the armed conflict between the personnel of the Pos Kiwirok Task Force Pamtas 403/WP and the KKB Ngalum-Kupel led by Lamek Taplo was also marked by the burning of public facilities and residential areas.

One personnel of the Pamtas Infantry Yonif 403/WP suffered a gunshot wound to the right arm o