KKB Attacks, Bridge Construction Stops


PAPUADAILY –The attack by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Bingky Village, Seradala District hampered infrastructure development.

Due to the KKB terror, the construction of two bridge units had to be stopped. The KKB attack which occurred on Thursday (24/6) 2021) left four construction workers dead and one person, namely Obaja Nang, suffered a gunshot wound.

The work on the two bridge units in Kali Kuk and Kali Wit is included in the Trans Papua project, which is one of the national strategic programs to open Papua’s isolation.

Head of the Wamena Road and Bridge Implementation Center, Zepnat Kambu said the budget for the construction of the two works reached Rp 44 billion. “This includes the trans-Papua road project. Because from the beginning until the incident it was safe,” said Kambu.

According to him, the locations of the two bridges are at KM 42+200 and at KM 54+200.  Meanwhile, the attack by KKB occurred at KM 54. All bridge workers, consultants and employees of the Wamena Road and Bridge Implementation Center, who were in the Seradala District at the time of the incident, are now safe. “A total of 93 people fled, now they are all safe and in Dekai,” he said.

He regretted the KKB violence.  The intention of the state that wants to catch up with building in Papua must be hampered because of security problems.

He said he did not know when the construction of the 60-meter bridge would resume. “We will see the next seven to 14 days while waiting for recommendations from the security forces,” said Kambu.