Kasuari Military Commander invites West Papuans to be wary of spikes in COVID-19 cases


PAPUADAILY –The Commander of the Military Region (Pangdam) XVIII / Cassowary Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa invites West Papuans to be aware of the surge in positive cases of COVID-19 that has occurred in the last few days.

The West Papua region has entered an alert status, considering that the hospital conditions in Manokwari are starting to fill up, while in Sorong, 65 percent of the hospital’s capacity has been filled with patients, said Cantiasa as quoted from a written statement received in Jakarta, Saturday.

Therefore, Cantiasa in front of 260 joint personnel of the TNI and Polri, as well as the Satpol PP during a joint rally in Manokwari, ordered his staff to tighten barriers to reduce mobility during the PPKM Emergency Balance in West Papua.

“What can save West Papua is ourselves, not others. The implementation of Emergency PPKM is especially implemented in Sorong and Manokwari. Tell our brothers and sisters here, don’t think about profit and loss. This is a human problem. Remind them that our current status is Emergency PPKM to save the community,” said Cantiasa.

The West Papua Provincial Government has also implemented Emergency PPKM in several areas to suppress the spread of COVID-19. Related to this policy, the Provincial Government together with the TNI and Polri have built checkpoints at ports and airports to monitor the inflow and outflow of residents.

Reports from checkpoint officials showed that there were around 10 arrivals who were confirmed positive for COVID-19. Therefore, he asked the public to refrain from activities outside the home and strictly implement health protocols.

The health protocols include wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, and reducing mobility.