KADIN Will Held Vaccinations for UMKM


PAPUADAILY –The Papua Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) will hold free vaccinations for small traders and Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in its territory to support Governor Lukas Enembe’s policy.

Chairman of the Papua Province Kadin Ronald Antonio Bonai in Jayapura, Wednesday (21/7/2021) said the implementation of free vaccination was also in order to support the policy of the Governor of Papua to prevent the transmission and spread of COVID-19.

“Kadin on July 23-24 2021 will carry out free vaccinations intended for small traders and UMKM as well as the general public, we do that to help the government,” he said.

According to Ronald, the target is 400 people who will be vaccinated. To avoid crowds in enforcing health protocols, in one day it is only limited to 200 residents.

“We from Kadin also support the governor’s policy regarding the closure of access to ports and airports because what is closed is access to human transportation, so goods and logistics transportation will continue, the needs of the community will not be disturbed,” he said.

He explained that now what is anticipated is the deployment of a new variant. This policy is very good for protecting the people in Papua to welcome the big event, namely PON in October 2021.

“We must jointly support the national economic recovery program, the article is that if his health recovers the economy will rise, where if the COVID-19 transmission rate cannot be controlled, the economy cannot rise,” he concluded.***