Inspired by Tempe, Now Available Papeda Wrap


PAPUADAILY –Papeda is a typical Papuan cuisine. Papeda made from sago starch. There are two types of papeda, namely hot papeda and wrapped papeda. Tempe which is usually wrapped in leaves inspired the making of papeda wrap.

This new creation, papeda wrapped in teak leaves, will be displayed at the Papeda Eating Festival in Pottery, September 30, 2021.

Papeda hot at first glance like porridge, the manufacture of which is sago starch with lime juice and then doused with boiling water.

Hot Papeda is enjoyed with a side dish of fish in yellow sauce and vegetables stir-fried with papaya leaves. Another processed sago is papeda wrap, this papeda is wrapped using fotofe or forofe leaves (a type of banana-pisangan leaf).

While papeda wrap is hot papeda taken to taste and then wrapped in fotofe leaves. Then let it sit for a while until the papeda cools down, then it can be enjoyed.

Papeda wrap is enjoyed with side dishes of tilapia fish or fried louhan fish. Fotofe leaves are shaped like small banana leaves, traditionally since the past, Papuans have used them as food wrappers.

In 2010, the Jayapura District Forestry Service planted teak trees in Abar Village, Ebungfauw District, Jayapura District. At this time the teak tree is already large, by the Abar community the fallen teak leaves are left alone.

The seeds of this teak plant are imported from Java. Seeing the potential of this many teak leaves, Beatriks Felle, was inspired by teak leaves to wrap rice or tempeh in Java, so she tried to wrap papeda.

At first, any worried that the papeda would turn red or the taste would change. After trying, the color does not change and the taste of papeda remains the same.***