Indonesian Army Arrests Six Chinese Foreigners without Passports in Inland Papua

TNI AD Tangkap Enam WNA Cina tanpa Paspor di Pedalaman Papua

Koramil 1709-03/Waropen Bawah personnel arrested six Chinese citizens in Sewa Village, Wapoga District, Waropen Regency, Papua Province, on Saturday (20/11). It was very surprising because they could enter the interior of Papua.

The commander of Kodim (Dandim) 1709/Yapen Waropen (Yawa) Lt. Col. Inf. Leon Pangaribuan confirmed the arrest. According to Leon, the six foreign nationals (WNA) were detained by Koramil 1709-03/Warbah personnel under the leadership of Sergeant Dedy Setiawan, who is the commander of Wapoga’s Koramil Post (Danposramil).


Leon explained that starting from information from one of the residents who knew that six Chinese were carrying out illegal gold mining activities in Sewa Village, Wapoga District, Waropen Regency, Indonesian Army personnel also moved to the location.


“After the personnel went directly to the field and found the six foreigners, the examination continued. However, the six foreigners were unable to show identification or official documents (passports) from their countries of origin,” Leon said in Waropen Regency, Papua Province, Saturday.


“Furthermore, the members brought the foreigner for safekeeping and asked for further information at Wisma Cenderawasih, Jalan Sudirman, Yapen Islands Regency,” Leon continued.


After being questioned, he continued, information was obtained that the six Chinese citizens were named Ge Junfeng (48 years), Lein Feng (37), Yan Gangping (41), Tan Liguo (54), Tan Lihua (58), and Lu Huacheng ( 38). All these foreigners have only lived in Kampung Sewa, Wapoga District, Waropen Regency for four days.


“Apart from not having official documents or passports, the six foreigners from China also do not have the ability to speak Indonesian,” said Leon.


Army personnel also brought the foreigners to the 173/Praja Vira Braja (PVB) Military District Command Headquarters (Korem) in Biak, Papua. “So for the next process, we will escort it to the Korem 173/PVB and proceed with handing over the process to the Biak Immigration office,” Leon said.