IDX says capital market developments in Papua are experiencing a positive trend


PAPUADAILY –The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) stated that the development of the capital market in Papua experienced a positive trend, because in the midst of the pandemic situation, the Papuan people’s interest in investing was still quite large.

Head of the IDX Papua Representative Office, Kresna A. Payokwa in Jayapura, Thursday, said that during January to May 2021, there were 8,247 new capital market Single Investor Identity (SID) additions, bringing the total capital market investors in Papua and West Papua as of 31 May 2021. as many as 32,433 capital market investors.

“Meanwhile, data at the end of December 2021 the number of capital market investors in Papua and West Papua was 18,936 investors or grew 76 percent,” he said.

According to Kresna, for stock products up to May 31, 2021, there were 3,829 new stock investors added, bringing the total stock investors in Papua and West Papua to 13,927 investors, resulting in a 27 percent growth.

“This cannot be separated from the services of the capital market industry, which had already implemented online services for capital market transactions and investments, even long before the pandemic occurred,” he said.

He explained that it could be said that the capital market industry has indeed gone one step further in providing online capital market investment services, where all stages of investing start from educational services to potential investors, opening an account in securities, to buying transactions for capital market products such as stocks. , mutual funds, bonds, or ETFs can be done online.

“We have been doing this for several years, so that when a pandemic occurs which requires social distancing, the infrastructure for online services is ready, the second thing is the implementation of PSBB and PPKM causing more people’s activities at home, and investment or trading activities. in the capital market is one option to remain productive during the pandemic,” he said.

He added that to balance the high interest in investment with adequate investment knowledge, the Papua and West Papua Representative Offices continue to actively carry out online capital market education activities through zoom that can be followed by the general public, namely the Capital Market School education class and the Stock Learning Center held regularly. online every week, where the implementation time is held in the afternoon so as not to interfere with community activities.