Honai Outlet, Hunting Place for Original Papua Souvenirs


PAPUADAILY –The XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) 2021 is not only a competition party for athletes, but also a showcase for cultural products of indigenous Papuans. One that is being promoted is the Honai Outlet. What’s in this traditional Papuan house outlet?

The existence of the Honai Papua Outlet is to introduce cultural goods, original products from the Papuan people which can be purchased by guests who come to take part in the XX Papua PON event.

“We bring directly from the original craftsmen. Like the noken taken from Merauke, Wamena, and also from Sentani,” said Grayce Wandesi, PB PON XX Papua Staff for Social and Cultural Affairs when met at the Honai Papua Outlet, Jayapura, Tuesday (12/10/2021). Quoted from infopublik.com.

The Honai Papua outlet is an outlet under the guidance of PB PON XX Papua 2021. It has been open since September 8, 2021 along with the launch of the Papua Tourism online application. With these two outlets, it is hoped that they will also support the splendor of PON Papua so that it has an impact on the economy and tourism of Papua.

The outlet collects various products from MSMEs from the four clusters of PON XX organizers, namely Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Mimika Regency and Merauke Regency.

The original Papuan souvenir products at the outlets range from bracelets that cost IDR 20 thousand, koteka accessories to bark displays for IDR 800 thousand. Various coffees from Tiyom and Wamena are favorites for visitors to the Honai outlet.

Likewise, noken bags are the most purchased products. Jayapura chocolate coffee snacks, sago snacks, red ginger, and chili sauce are also available there. Don’t miss the official merchandise for PON XX Papua such as T-shirts, hats and Kungpho-Drawa mascot dolls.

“Our turnover at most can reach Rp 5 million in a day,” said Grayce.

She added that during PON, the most buyers were athletes and official contingents who stopped by after competing.

Even though they come from MSMEs, the products at the Honai Papua outlet must meet the standards of the Trade Office, which is to have an IRT (home industry) production permit to ensure quality.

Grayce hopes that in the future, the Honai outlet, which is located in the Jalan Baru Pasar Lama area, Abepura, Wai Mhorock, Jayapura City, can be a bridge to help market MSME products from Papua. This outlet will certainly continue after the PON takes place.***