Helping the Troubled Residents, TNI/Polri Repair the Bridge Damaged by Separatist Groups in Maybrat


PAPUADAILY –TNI personnel from the XVIII/Kasuari Military Command and the National Police in the Maybrat area, West Papua, repaired public facilities and built a new bridge in Fakario village as a result of being damaged by the West Papuan National Committee (KNPB) separatist group during a gun battle two weeks ago. Because of the damaged bridge, residents became difficult.

Head of Information for Kodam XVIII/Kasuari Lieutenant Colonel Arm Hendra Pesireron in Manokwari, Tuesday (14/9/2021) said that the condition of the bridge damaged by the KNPB group was very dangerous for motorists and pedestrians who passed.

Even the access road cannot be passed by pedestrians or motorized vehicles.

Because of that, he said, the Commander of the Cassowary Military Command Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa ordered it to be repaired as a form of concern for TNI and Polri personnel in helping the difficulties of residents in the Maybrat area.

These officers went hand in hand to repair the bridge with the help of various heavy equipment such as exca pc 200, tronton truck, dump truck and cainsaw machine.

The units involved from the TNI are Yonif RK 762, Yon Zipur 20 and Kodim 1809/Maybrat. Meanwhile, from the Police, namely from the West Papua Police Mobile Brigade unit.

This activity, as quoted from ANTARA, explained that the Kapendam is a form of concern for the difficulties faced by local residents, so that it will be closer to the residents, in order to realize the unity of the TNI-Polri with the people.

It is hoped that with the repair of the bridge, the activities of residents who were previously hampered can return to normal as before. In addition, it can also help reduce residents’ worries so that daily activities become more effective.***