Head of Balitbangda West Papua: Biodiversity in Papua is Worrying


PAPUADAILY –Head of Balitbangda West Papua Province Charlie D. Heatubun said the current condition of biodiversity in Papua is very worrying. Climate change, development and population growth have contributed to the destruction of Papua’s biodiversity.

Charlie said it was no longer an open secret that Papua’s biodiversity was under pressure due to development pressures, population growth and the ongoing climate crisis.

“For example, we can say that the number of vascular plant species in Papua in the last publication was 13,634 plant species. However, most of the data are obtained from research from other countries, namely Papua New Guinea,” Charlie said in a discussion on Ecosystem Restoration for Biodiversity Sustainability, Tuesday (6/7).

Charlie added, there is still a lot of biodiversity in Indonesia which has not been explored and corrected for the sake of science. As a result, Indonesia will experience huge losses because this biodiversity may be lost in its own natural habitat.

According to him, most of the scientific knowledge about the biodiversity of the island of Papua or New Guinea is the result of research in Papua New Guinea, while there is none in Indonesia itself.

“In the provinces of Papua and West Papua, there are still many empty areas that are still a mystery, so it is necessary to explore what exactly is there,” said Charlie.