Getting to Know the Privileges of Papua Tomandin Nutmeg through Aromatherapy Products


PAPUADAILY – The Inobu Foundation and the women entrepreneur community collaborated in launching an aromatherapy product made from nutmeg oil from farmers in Fakfak, West Papua. The collaboration was carried out in order to introduce native nutmeg from Papua in the form of an aromatherapy reed diffuser and scented candle product called Hanggi, which is also the local name for Pala Tomandin.

Some of its superior products, Reed Diffuser and Scented Candle, are produced from nutmeg essential oil combined with several other aromas, including patchouli, musk, and frankincense. The combination of several ingredients in it creates a fresh atmosphere like a nutmeg forest and provides a calming sensation and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Meanwhile, the sweet and warm aroma of aromatherapy symbolizes the meaning of nutmeg for the Fakfak community as a source of prosperous life. The two products from Papua are called Papuan Nutmeg.

Inobu Foundation Agribusiness Manager Ofra Shinta Fitri hopes that the product launch can introduce Tomandin Nutmeg to the public as well as attract public interest in processed nutmeg products which are the identity of the original Fakfak community.

“This processed nutmeg product into aromatherapy candles is a symbol of hard work and the friendliness and smile of every nutmeg farmer we guide,” said Ofra, Friday (12/3).

“We hope that more stakeholders will be involved, so that the accelerated process of developing the nutmeg farming system can soon spread to other areas in Papua,” he added.

Nutmeg is part of the identity belonging to the Fakfak community. The indigenous people of Mbaham Matta, for example, depend on nutmeg as a source of livelihood, so they also participate in managing and protecting the forest.