Getting to know Amos Yeninar, the Children’s Hero in Papua


PAPUADAILY –In the past, this man who graduated from the University of Cendrawasih from Biak was once told by a doctor that he would not live long. However, God said otherwise. Now he has become a friend to the children in Nabire Papua. He lives with dozens of abandoned children he cares for.

That man is Amos Yeninar (Pak Amos). He can be called a friend as well as a hero for children addicted to glue and drugs in Papua. In order to help these children, Pak Amos, who is also a motorcycle taxi driver, wants to build a rehabilitation center for them.

Pak Amos is assisted by his wife who is also a teacher, serving the children on the terminal road and the city park. Then open a halfway house for a place to care for and nurture children. There, the children were fostered but 1 year later the house that was used was burned down. With struggle and prayer, finally Amos and his team were able to rebuild the orphanage. Currently he uses the place to reach out and serve, nurture and educate underprivileged children, orphans, abandoned children etc.

So, what is the story of Pak Amos through his days with the children he is accompanying? What are the ups and downs and challenges he faces? In detail, the following is an interview with Idol Semarang radio with Amos Yeninar, a friend and hero for children in Nabire Papua