General Andika Perkasa’s Promise to Change the Paradigm of Handling the Papua Conflict.

Janji Jenderal Andika Perkasa Ubah Paradigma Penanganan Konflik Papua

The handling of the conflict in Papua has become one of the discussions that has attracted the attention of the TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa during his orientation as the highest leader of the armed forces after replacing Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto.

The orientation in question is a number of visits made by the TNI Commander with a number of parties, both internal to the TNI and a number of institutional leaders.

This attention to security issues in Papua became one of the topics of discussion by the TNI Commander when he met the National Police Chief Gen. Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo at the National Police Headquarters in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/11/2021). “That (handling the conflict in Papua) is one of the things we talked about.

Because there is also overlapping tasks that we both do or the TNI-Polri. We discussed that in detail earlier,” Andika said in a press conference after the meeting, Tuesday.

Andika at least has his own paradigm in dealing with conflicts between the security forces and the armed criminal group (KKB).

This can be seen when the former Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) will discuss the strategy for handling conflict in Papua with a number of parties, after being sworn in at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/11/2021).

“In detail, after I have done the evaluation, I already have a concept so that’s what I will do,” Andika said at the State Palace, Wednesday last week. Security issues are indeed a challenge for him.

According to Andika, handling security has two sides, namely the real side and the perception or concept. He is of the view, these two things must be re-examined so that they can go hand in hand.

For that, in the context of security in Papua, he promised to carry out evaluations and changes. “We will definitely fix Papua, because I want to use the laws and regulations, so that we don’t take action or take other people’s rights,” said the former Commander of the Army Strategic Reserves Command (Pangkostrad).

Andika’s seriousness in improving the handling of conflicts on Earth of Cendrawasih is evidenced by her plan to immediately visit Papua. At least he will visit Papua next week at the latest.

It is known that the conflict between the TNI-Polri and the KKB in Papua has been going on for years. The two often engage in gun battles.

This armed conflict not only caused casualties on both sides of the conflict, but civil society was also affected by this conflict.