Fish Supply during PON Papua, Athletes’ Protein Needs Are Guaranteed


PAPUADAILY –PT Perikanan Indonesia (Persero) or Perindo ensures adequate protein supply for athletes who are competing and struggling in the 20th National Sports Week or PON XX Papua 2021 which will be held in four areas namely Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Mimika Regency, and Merauke Regency.

Perindo’s President Director, Fatah Setiawan Topobroto, said that the Perindo Merauke unit also contributed to the smooth running of the biennial sports week.

Fatah said Perindo as a BUMN fully supports the success of the XX PON sports event in Papua Province. The support provided is to also supply various types of fish as a source of protein.

“We supply 100 kilograms to 150 kilograms of fish per day as long as PON XX takes place from October 2 until PON XX ends on October 15, 2021,” Fatah said in a written statement in Jakarta, Monday (10/11/2021). Quoted by

Fatah said that the fish sent to the sub-consumption section of PON XX are fresh fish including snakehead fish, fan fish and grouper fish. The three types of fish are fish caught by fishermen in Merauke waters. The fisherman is a partner of Perindo whose fish are always absorbed by the BUMN in the fisheries sector.

“This fish comes from fishermen in the eastern tip of Indonesia for athletes to be proud of the homeland,” said Fatah.

Fatah explained that the fish caught by these fishermen were cleaned first at the Perindo fish management site. The fish is cut, cleaned of bones, cleaned of fish skin and sent to the sub-consumption of PON XX in a state that has been filleted and packaged hygienically.

Fatah said, Perindo also does not just supply fish for the PON event. The sent fish have been sampled and tested for protein content whether it is suitable for consumption or not.

Meanwhile, Perindo’s Director of Operations, Raenhat Tiranto Hutabarat, said that snakehead fish is a native commodity of Merauke. Raenhat hopes that the snakehead fish can be processed in such a way as to supply the athletes’ protein, especially the snakehead fish which is rich in albumin which is useful for treating wounds, recovering injuries and preventing inflammation.

In addition, Raenhat wants the processed products and cuisine of the fish caught and cultivated by the fishermen directly to enliven the momentum of the XX PON in Papua.

“PT Perindo continues to be committed to being an off taker of fisherman’s catch, to then be processed or distributed to consumers, one of which is for PON athletes in Papua,” said Raenhat.

XX Papua PON was attended by 34 contingents with the number of athletes reaching 7,039 athletes. PON XX Papua will compete in 37 sports, 56 disciplines and 681 match numbers and compete for 681 gold medals, 681 silver medals and 877 bronze medals.

The XX PON event is expected to contribute to fishermen, farmers, traders, and entrepreneurs to hoist the Papuan economy. In his official statement, the Coordinator of the XX PON Consumption Sub Sector, Usep Warman, made efforts for XX PON to prioritize local food. This effort is made to increase the income of farmers, fishermen and traders.

Meanwhile, PON XX Sub Consumption cooperates with the Meraukue Chicken Breeders Association, PT Perikanan Indonesia as partners for fishermen, farmers and slaughterhouses (RPH).***