First Working Visit as Army Chief of Staff, General Dudung Arrives in Papua Province


Since November 17, 2021, General Dudung Abdurachman has been officially inaugurated by President Joko Widodo as Chief of Army Staff (KSAD) replacing General Andika Perkasa who was appointed Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

After six days serving as Army Chief of Staff, General Dudung paid a working visit to Papua Province. This is General Dudung’s first visit as Army Chief of Staff.

“Indeed, when I was inaugurated, my first priority would be to see Papua, which is the main priority I visit,” said Dudung in Jayapura, Tuesday (23/11/2021).

Dudung admitted that he wanted to see and hear directly the complaints from TNI soldiers serving in Papua. According to him, the soldiers on duty in Papua, especially those who will be placed in vulnerable or remote areas, should not feel neglected by the state.

“I want to see my children how difficult they are in the field in carrying out their duties. I don’t want them to carry out their duties alone, so we fully provide adequate facilities and infrastructure,” he said.

Previously, General TNI Dudung Abdurachman was officially inaugurated by President Joko Widodo as Army Chief of Staff (KSAD), Wednesday (11/17/2021).

He also thanked President Jokowi for trusting him.

“In particular, I thank the President of the Republic of Indonesia who has trusted me to lead the Army,” said Dudung after the inauguration at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday.