Filep Wamafma: DPD RI Continues to Oversee the DIM Discussion on the Special Autonomy Bill for Papua


PAPUADAILY –Senator or DPD RI member from West Papua Province Filep Wamafma said the Special Autonomy (Otsus) Working Team (Timja) of the DPD RI would continue to oversee the discussion of the Problem Inventory List (DIM) of the Papua Special Autonomy Bill.

Filep said the DPD RI Special Autonomy Team also appreciated the attitude of the leadership of the Special Committee (Pansus) of the DPR RI and the Working Committee (Panja) who gave room for the addition of other articles besides the 3 articles of the Special Autonomy Law previously proposed by the government. According to Filep, the DPD RI Teamwork has asked to unify the DIM proposed by the DPD RI in order to facilitate the discussion of the DIM on the Special Autonomy Bill.

He said the General View and DIM DPD RI had contained and represented the aspirations of various institutions in Papua, especially to accommodate the aspirations of the Papuan people. Thus the Papua Special Autonomy Law Volume 2 which will be produced later is in accordance with the expectations of the Papuan people.

“DPD RI in general view and in the DIM has accommodated a number of regional aspirations, both through the Papuan and West Papuan People’s Councils, the Papuan and West Papuan DPR as well as layers of society. Therefore, the DIM proposed by the DPD RI is actually a DIM which, if it can be accommodated by all parties, both the DPR and the government, will answer the Papua issue,” said Filep Wamafma, Thursday (1/7).

Furthermore, Filep Wamafma said he was optimistic that the DIM discussion would run smoothly and as expected.

He hopes that the DIM discussion can prioritize the aspirations of the Papuan people which have been conveyed through regional and central representative institutions.

“We have seen the DIM from each faction in the DPR RI and it seems to me very synergistic with what was proposed by the DPD RI. So in terms of discussion later there will not be much debate. We also hope that the government, especially the Ministry of Home Affairs as the leading sector, does not have to defend something that will not answer the substance of the problem in Papua, but on the contrary, the government also wants to hear the aspirations of the DPR RI,” said Filep.