Everything is According to Plan, PON Papua is 95 Percent Ready


PAPUADAILY –General Chairman of the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Lt. Gen. TNI (Purn.) Marciano Norman said preparations for the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) have generally reached 95 percent. All matters relating to the implementation according to plan.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of KONI, Marciano Norman at the 9th Free West Forum Discussion (FMB9) entitled “PON XX Papua, Build Nationalism and Togetherness” virtually, Monday (13/9/2021).

It is said, the arena of competition, the match equipment, the contingent that will go to Papua, and the preparations for PB PON itself and so on are ready.

“Preparation for PB PON which regulates in addition to venue readiness, also prepares accommodation and transportation, prepares the community so that they can be good hosts in terms of their health as well as optimizing vaccination,” said Marciano Norman. Quoted Merdeka.com.

According to him, the role of all parties is very helpful in the preparation of PON Papua. For example, the attention of the central government in this case the Ministry of Health and its staff, assisted by the TNI and Polri and all stakeholders in optimizing COVID-19 vaccination for people living around the arena.

This, said Marciano, will really help provide a sense of security to the contingents from outside Papua in the future, because all those who will be involved in the Papua National PON have had the immune system.

Marciano also hopes that with all the maximum preparations, the implementation of the biggest sporting event in the country can be carried out properly.

“So that the Papuan PON becomes our pride, which is the revival of the Indonesian nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Papuan PON also shows that we are united because of sport,” said Marciano.

On this occasion, Marciano said that sport fosters nationalism and patriotism. So the implementation of PON is very important.

“Speaking of sports, we only talk about Red and White. Sport is a unifying nation. This was shown at the Papua PON that 33 contingents from 33 provinces throughout Indonesia came to Papua to join their brothers and sisters in a grand sporting event,” he said.

In addition, Marciano also said that the importance of PON Papua as a benchmark for how the provinces in Indonesia carry out sports coaching.

“How governors as regional heads, regents and mayors as regional heads pay attention to sports development. We will see later in Papua.”

Marciano hopes that with the Papua PON, Indonesia will get new athletes as coatings for the current national athletes.

“We have to look ahead, including the 2024 Paris Olympics. With the National Sports Grand Design (DBON) also a hope towards 2032, we can enter the world’s top 10,” concluded Marciano Norman. *