Encouraging MSME Actors to Advance, Bank Papua Prepares IDR 40 Billion


PAPUADAILY –Bank Papua is committed to encouraging Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Papua to be promoted and their products to be competitive at the national level. Support is provided by allocating funds for the Regional Financial Access Acceleration (Papeda) credit program reaching Rp40 billion until 2023.

Head of the Division (Kadiv) of Bank Papua’s UMK and Consumer Business, Abraham Krey, as quoted by the Jayapura Regency website, Monday (11/10/2021), said the Papuan provincial government-owned bank continues to be committed to encouraging the regional MSME sector to upgrade and is ready to distribute credit in stages. worth IDR 40 billion until 2023.

Abraham Krey said that the distribution of Pepeda credit to support the MSME sector in 2021 was allocated by Bank Papua with funds of IDR 5 billion, IDR 15 billion in 2022 and IDR 20 billion in 2023.

“The potential of the Papuan MSME sector is very large to continue to be encouraged. And Bank Papua’s commitment to the MSME sector is that the allocation for the MSME sector has increased every year,” he said. Quoted Antara.

As a form of concern for the MSME sector, according to Abraham, the Papuan bank also has a loan dedicated to the development of the MSME sector business through the Papeda credit program which involves 500 MSMEs.

“Especially this year, the Papeda credit allocation is worth Rp. 5 billion. Each MSME actor can get the loan without interest of Rp. 10 million. Now, the 5 percent loan interest for MSMEs is borne by the Papua Provincial Government for Rp. 250 million. Loans to MSMEs have a term of 1 -2 years,” he said.

Regarding the involvement of Bank Papua in organizing the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON), especially the empowerment of the MSME sector, Abraham Krey said that the bank certainly supports the success of the XX Papua PON.

“The commitment is not only in the context of organizing PON Papua. Banks owned by the Papua Provincial Government have long paid attention to the MSME sector,” he said.

In order to make the implementation of PON XX Papua successful, the Papuan bank has launched three digital products. The three products are Internet Banking CMS Corporate, Laku Pandai, and a payment system using the Indonesian Standard Quick Response (QRIS).

As of September 2021, there were 75.00 merchants using QRIS in Papua with an increase of 48 more merchants since early January 2021. Specifically for the Bank Papua digital product, 16 MSMEs who are also listed as bank customers were involved in introducing Bank Papua digital products.

As a bank owned by the regional government and the community in Papua, Bank Papua has provided sponsorship of Rp. 4 billion which has been submitted to the secretariat of PB PON Papua in the form of tools, equipment and sports supporters.***