Efforts to Prevent COVID-19, Yonif 512 TNI Task Force Together with Border Residents Spray Disinfectant


PAPUADAILY –TNI soldiers from the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Mechanical Yonif 512/QY together with residents of Wonorejo Pir IV Arso Village, Keerom Regency, sprayed disinfectant as an effort to anticipate the prevention of the COVID-19 outbreak in the border area with neighboring Papua New Guinea.

Commander of the Pamtas Task Force (Dansatgas) Mechanical Infantry Yonif 512/QY, Lt. Col. Inf. Taufik Hidayat in a statement received by ANTARA, Wednesday (10/13/2021) morning, said that the spraying of disinfectants was aimed at public facilities, such as schools, places of worship, village halls and government offices.

“This spraying is for the convenience of the community in carrying out their activities and reducing the public’s fear of exposure to the corona virus outbreak,” said Dansatgas.

Dansatgas said that the TNI task force worked with local residents to carry out disinfectant spraying activities in Wonorejo Village, which is a fostered village of Pos Kotis.

“Even though disinfectant has been sprayed, Pos Kotis members still urge the public to maintain a clean environment, maintain body immunity, and always apply health protocols in their activities,” he said.

While spraying, Pos Kotis members also distributed red and white T-shirts to residents who participated in the activity.

One of the residents at the border, Tedi looks very happy to spray disinfectant with Pamtas Satgas personnel from the Mechanical Infantry Yonif 512/QY.

“I hope that the good relationship between the TNI and the community that has existed so far can be maintained. The existence of the Mechanized Infantry Yonif 512/QY Command Post has brought many changes in the village, with various activities carried out by Pos Kotis members which are always beneficial for the residents of Wonorejo Village,” said Tedi. ***