During 4 Hours of Shooting with TNI, This is the Chronology of KKB Burning Health Centers to Schools


PAPUADAILY –For almost 4 hours, members of the TNI Pamtas 403/WP Task Force personnel had armed contact with members of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Kiwirok District, Mount Bintang Regency, Papua, Monday (13/9/2021). It is suspected that the KKB that had armed contact with members of the TNI was the Ngalum-Kupel KKB led by Lamek Taplo.

Dandim 1715/Yahukimo, Lt. Col. Christian Irreuw, said that the shootout began when Pamtas Review Post personnel saw nine members of the Ngalum Kupel KKB.

The KKB member carried 2 SS1 weapons at a distance of approximately 300 meters from the review post.

From the observations of TNI personnel, the KKB members monitor and monitor the review post.

The situation was then reported to Danpos Kiwirok Ledta Inf Adi Susanto. The Danpos then ordered a team of 10 people to patrol.

Patrols were carried out to ambush the Ngalum Kupel KKB. The gunfight started at 09.00 WIT.

“At 09.00 WIT there was a shootout between 1 patrol team and the Ngalum-Kupel KKB led by Lamek Taplo,” Christian said via text message. Quoted by Kompas.com.

During the shootout, personnel of the Pamtas Infantry Battalion 403/WP Prada Ansar were shot in the right arm. There are two rounds of ammo through the bone.

At around 12.15 WIT, it was observed that KKB was consolidating at Kiwirok Airport.

In addition to gunfights with TNI personnel, KKB members also set fire to public facilities such as the Kiwirok Health Center, the Bank Papua Office for the Kiwirok District Representative, the Kiwirok District Office, the Kiwirok Elementary School and the Kiwirok Market.

Two Nakes Hit by Arrows

As a result of this incident, the fate of the two health workers is not yet known.

“It is true that there is a report from the Border Security Task Force Battalion 403/WP who is currently serving in Kiwirok, the whereabouts of the two health workers are unknown,” said Dandrem 172/PWY Brigadier General Izak Pangemanan to ANTARA in Jayapura, Tuesday (14/9/2021) .

He said the two health workers whose fate was not yet known were male and it was suspected that they had fled towards the hills.

TNI personnel are still conducting searches and hope to be found safe.

He added that three health workers were injured as a result of KKB’s actions in the incident. “Two health workers were hit by arrows and one was beaten and injured,” said Brigadier General Pangemanan.

The three were found when TNI personnel searched for officers and civilians living in Kiwirok.

Currently, 10 health workers, including health center doctors, have secured themselves at the Yonif 403/WP post in Kiwirok. They have not been able to provide information due to the trauma he suffered, including the three people who have just been found.***