DPR Papua Together with Forkompinda to Hold a Meeting to Discuss Intan Jaya, Jhony Rouw: Form a Team Soon


In order to seriously discuss the resolution of the conflict that occurred in Intan Jaya, Papua, the Papuan DPR invited the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) of the Papua Police Chief, Pangdam XVII/Cenderawasih, Kajati Papua, Regent of Intan Jaya, Chairman of DPRK Intan Jaya, PGGP, FKUB and Chair of the GKI Synod. in the Land of Papua.

The meeting, which lasted approximately five hours, or from afternoon to evening, was held in the meeting room of the Regional Regulation Formation Agency (Bapemperda) of the Papua DPR, Monday, November 22, 2021.

As is known, the conflict that occurred in Intan Jaya Regency resulted in many people being victims, especially civilians, and even had to evacuate.

After the closed-door meeting, in his press statement, the Speaker of the Papuan DPR, Jhony Banua Rouw, SE, accompanied by Deputy Chair III of the Papuan DPR, Yulianus Rumbairussy, SSos, MM and the Regent of Intan Jaya, Natalis Tabuni, SS, M. Si, said that the purpose of the meeting was in order to discuss the situation in Papua, where conflicts occur in several districts, especially focusing on Intan Jaya District.

“We held this meeting, because of this situation, we must take steps and share perceptions so that we can help our people. Moreover, so far we know that civilians are the ones who are more victims, especially mothers and children due to the impact of the conflict, and even forced to take refuge in churches and live with limitations,” said Jhony Banua Rouw to a number of journalists, in a press statement after last night’s meeting.

So that from this meeting, continued Jhony Banua Rouw, it is hoped that a solution to the conflict can be found. And, in that meeting, they agreed on several steps to resolve the conflict in Intan Jaya.

First, said Jhony Banua Rouw, he will make a letter of appeal to all the people, the TNI/Polri and the TPNPB or KKB to take a calm attitude and not create conflict in Intan Jaya.

“The community, TNI – Polri and TPN-OPM, we ask not to make any actions so that they do not have an impact on the community, especially later we will enter the Christmas atmosphere in December 2021, so that people can live calmly, peacefully and can celebrate Christmas happily.” ideals,” said Jhony Banua Rouw.

Secondly, the NasDem Party politician continued, it was also agreed at this meeting to form a team that will work and provide studies and recommendations that will be submitted to all stakeholders in this country, especially to the President of the Republic of Indonesia so that there are concrete steps to resolve problems in Papua.


“Yes, one of them, we ask to review the Wabu Block permit in Intan Jaya, secondly we will ask for the placement of non-organic troops sent by the central government to coordinate or at the request of the Pangdam and Kapolda Papua and under the control of the Pangdam and Kapolda Papua, so that The deployment of troops will be in accordance with the needs in Papua and in carrying out tasks controlled by the Pangdam and the Papuan Regional Police Chief, so that in taking law enforcement steps it can be carried out with local wisdom, culture and character of the Papuan people, so that it does not have an impact on civilians,” he explained.



However, it is acknowledged that the results of the discussion suggest that the troops sent to Papua were without good coordination with the Pangdam and Kapolda.


For this reason, said Jhony Banua Rouw or JBR for short, the team will work continuously and there will be a follow-up meeting, so that they can make recommendations and solutions to solve problems in the Land of Papua.


In fact, the team that will be formed will be a joint team, not only members of the Papuan DPR, but also involving religious leaders, regional leaders in Intan Jaya, TNI and Polri.


For this reason, it is hoped that this team will have the same concept and main set of thinking so that the steps taken by the TNI – Polri, regional governments, provinces and religious leaders are in line or the same.



In addition, in this meeting it was also agreed to appeal to the public to remain calm, not to be provoked and also for the TNI – Polri and TPN / OPM to work together to exercise restraint so that the atmosphere can be peaceful and safe so that they can celebrate Christmas with joy.


Meanwhile, the Regent of Intan Jaya, Natalis Tabuni, S.S, M, Si admitted to appreciating the meeting initiated by the Papuan DPR for the concern for the humanity of the people in Intan Jaya, which has involved stakeholders in the district and province.


“This is a tremendous step forward. We, the Intan Jaya Regency Government, appreciate it. We hope that the team formed in the district is mediated and puts forward a persuasive, cultural and familial approach to communicating with our brothers and sisters, TPN/OPM or those who are opposed to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. We view them as fellow children of the nation,” said Natalis Tabuni, last night.


In fact, Regent Natalis Tabuni stated that at this time his party was looking for a solution so that the community

Even said Regent Natalis Tabuni, if at this time his party is still continuing to approach. However, the KKB group is not just one, but there are several groups.


“So, the communication with the KKB, not only we (Intan Jaya Regency Government) did it, but also from the TNI and Polri so that they do not take actions that can harm all parties,” he explained.


In addition, he added, we also involve the church, local communities, village heads, district heads and the DPRK Intan Jaya to communicate and approach cultural and family relationships with them.


“Moreover, there are several groups, so it’s not just one group. Because there are those who are truly OPM like Ayub Waker, but there are also those who are just looking for existence with unclear motivations. However, we have identified their group,” concluded the Regent of Intan Jaya, Natalis Tabuni, who was also accompanied by the Head of PMK Intan Jaya, Yoakim Mujizau.