Dozens of Papuan Students Visit Surakarta City Hall, Gibran Says This


Dozens of Papuan students were present at the Tawangarum Hall, Surakarta City Hall, Monday (29/11) afternoon for lunch with the Mayor of Surakarta, Gibran Rakabuming Raka. Wearing a traditional Papuan crown, about 25 people who joined the meeting with Gibran also conveyed several things related to MSME training.

“This was from friends who wanted to take part in MSME training and work skills and I have accommodated all of them,” said Gibran. Also Read: Lamba Leda Students Invited to Maintain Customs and Culture According to Gibran, the city of Solo can be a reference for people from Papua to continue their education. Apart from having many quality universities, the cost of living is also cheap, the facilities are complete, safe, comfortable and friendly.

“We keep them like at home. They are all great, most of them have received scholarships,” he continued. The head of the Soloraya Student Community, Moses Ferdinand Kamer, said that today’s meeting paid off the longing of 200 Papuan students living in Soloraya. Also Read: Student Disputes Lead to Attacks, Persecution and Burning “We want to invite these friends from Papua to be able to cooperate with the Surakarta City Government in particular, especially guarantees for them,” he said. Moses feels that as long as he has lived in Solo since high school until now, the situation in Bengawan City is very peaceful.

“We live apart, but our hearts are one as Papuans,” concluded Moses.