Darius Sinathrya calls PON Papua a place to find talented seeds


PAPUADAILY –Actor and sports program host Darius Sinathrya sees the XX Papua PON which will take place on October 2-15, should be a place to find talented athletes throughout Indonesia.

“The important goal of PON should be returned to being an athlete competition event to find talented seeds in every sport throughout Indonesia, to be prepared for regional and international competitions,” Darius said when contacted by Antara, Thursday.

Moreover, the man who currently serves as the Chief Operating Office (COO) of RANS Cilegon FC said that PON can also establish brotherhood, community unity and build national character through sports.

Darius is optimistic that the committee can organize the national sporting event well. Moreover, in recent years Indonesia has won the trust to organize various international sports championships, both single and multi-event events.

However, according to Darius, the pandemic situation will certainly affect the implementation, including how to implement strict health protocols for each athlete and contingent from each region.

“The thing that must be observed is how this event (PON) is not only a competition for national athletes, but also a people’s party, uniting community fraternities. Meanwhile, the pandemic condition will limit public attendance at the venue,” said the man who had guided 2006 World Cup live broadcast.

Regarding facilities, Darius, who often follows the development of information regarding the implementation of the Papua PON, sees that the readiness of the organizers is quite good. “Some of the venues are ready, but there are still some who are just entering the final stage of completion. Hopefully it can be completed on time for trials before the PON is held,” said Darius.