Covid-19 Transmission Soars, Jayapura Closes City Border Road


PAPUADAILY –The Jayapura City Government (Pemkot) will close the city borders due to the increasing number of people exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

The closure of the city limits has been proposed to the Papua Provincial Government.  Currently, there are 468 people being treatment as positive for Covid-19, including 166 of them undergoing centralized quarantine at the LPMP Kotaraja and 172 people who died.

“I have written to the Papua Provincial Government and proposed closing the city limits to suppress the spread of Covid-19 which is currently increasing in Jayapura City,” said Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano in Jayapura, Friday (9/7/2021).

In addition to asking for closures at the city limits, it is also proposed to conduct operational closures at airports and ports.

Closures and restrictions on community activities need to be implemented in order to suppress the spread of the virus, especially in October, a four-year sports event, namely PON XX, will be held in four districts and cities in Papua, including Jayapura City.

“However, until now the Jayapura City Government’s request has not been responded to from the Papua Provincial Government, so it is possible that a temporary closure will be imposed on the city limits,” said Benhur Tomi.

Jayapura City is bordered by Jayapura Regency and Keerom Regency. The Jayapura City Government is currently limiting economic and community activities until 20.00 Western Indonesia Time and together with the Indonesian National Armed Forces and the National Police are conducting a vaccine campaign.  So that more and more city residents are vaccinated against Covid-19.

Benur admitted that in addition to closing the city limits, he also asked RT/RW to be active again in limiting the activities of people around their environment. “The Covid-19 Prevention and Handling Task Force will also carry out patrols and take action against recalcitrant people,” he said.