Consistent and Dare to Take Opportunities, These Two Papuan Local Entrepreneurs Successfully Rise Up!


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are one of the main drivers of the national economy. In addition, they also have the power to turn the potential of the area where they live into a valuable product.

Take, for example, Papua, a province known for its rich natural resources. Papuans often develop this potential into a business opportunity. As did local handicraft entrepreneurs Petronela Meraudje and Alberthus Wanggai, Asar fish sellers from Jayapura.

Armed with experience and expertise in looking at opportunities, they have succeeded in developing by taking advantage of various existing business opportunities.

Petronela Meraudje, for example, has run her craft business from scratch to take part in the PON 2021 Papua event. Papuan crown products and various accessories are the main commodities sold by this woman who is fondly called “Mama”.

His local handicraft business utilizes various objects around his environment, on the coast of Ciberry Beach, South Jayapura.

“Initially, we were just trying to make hanging crafts from fruit trees that usually fall on the beach,” said Petronela.

Thanks to her foresight and consistency in creating these various crafts, Petronela also took a big step: producing Papuan crowns and accessories for sale to the public.

The result did not disappoint. He has succeeded in developing his business and already has his own production site, after previously selling only through a home business.

Asked about his inspiration in starting a local Papuan handicraft business, Petronela said that he was only self-taught by following tutorials from Youtube, and trying to make them.

“I’m just curious, keep trying to see how to make crafts on Youtube, after that I just start learning,” he said.

The same story was experienced by Alberthus Wanggai, an Asar fish seller at the Hamadi Central Market, South Jayapura District.

His consistency in selling Asar fish products, one of the typical Papuan seafood products, has led him to become a successful and famous fish seller at the Hamadi Central Market.

Become a bank agent and help the surrounding community

Although Petronela and Alberthus have successfully developed their businesses, the local MSME players are not closed off with other potentials. Both welcome the various opportunities that come their way.

Like Alberthus, who welcomed BRI, who considered him to be a potential BRILink agent.

“I welcome BRI’s good intentions, to be able to make me a BRILink Agent. I hope that by becoming a BRILink Agent, it can make it easier for me to sell Asar Fish,” said Petronela.

He also said that BRILink made a real contribution to the community, namely by providing convenience for buyers who did not have cash

That way, buyers can make payments through BRILink as a solution to still be able to buy and enjoy Asar fish.

Similar to Alberthus, Mama Petronela was also offered to become a BRILink Agent. Without thinking he was interested in joining the program. He is optimistic that BRILink can be an additional source of income for him.

“Initially, my mother was still hesitant to accept BRILink, but after socializing and providing information from BRILink, I understood, and understood,” he said.

Petronela thanks BRI for trusting her to become a BRILink Agent. He not only helped in terms of income, but also spread the benefits to the surrounding area. Therefore, he invites other Papuan people, especially Papuan women, to dare to take opportunities and be observant in seeing opportunities.

“By becoming a BRILink Agent, I hope that it can increase daily income, and also help the people in this village,” he explained.