Caring the Poor Residents at the Border, TNI Distributes Clothing and Basic Food


PAPUADAILY –The TNI always tries to pay attention to people who are in need. The Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Infantry Yonif 131/Brs Pos Kali Asin distributed clothing for all ages and basic necessities to the people of Kibay Village, East Arso District, Kab. Keerom, Papua, Monday (11/10/2021).

Danpos Kali Asin Letda Inf Daniel said this activity is a form of TNI’s concern for the residents of Kampung Kibay on the RI-PNG border which is located in the interior.

“We invite residents to come to the Kali Asin Post and choose the available clothes according to what they need and bring basic food assistance when they go home,” said Danpos. Quoted by

It was further said that the people in Kibay Village still need a lot of attention, because they still lack food and clothing needs.

“Most of the people of Kampung Kibay make a majority of their livelihood by hunting, fishing and gardening. The result is only enough to meet daily food needs, so for clothing needs, it still requires a lot of helping hands from other parties,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, one of the residents, Mama Kristin (48 years old), who also received clothing assistance from the Kali Asin Post, expressed her gratitude for the concern that the Battalion Yonif 131/Brs.

“Mr TNI really cares about the local people. The clothing and basic necessities provided are very helpful and useful for us,” she said.***