Beware of Racism and Human Rights Issues in Papua, Often ‘Riden’ by Foreigners


PAPUADAILY –The case of racism and Human Rights (HAM) is still an issue that often sticks out in Papua. This issue is also often used by a number of irresponsible parties to cloud the atmosphere in Indonesia.

This was stated by the Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Activists and Citizens of the Archipelago (Pandawa Nusantara) Ronald Loblobly in the Jakarta Journalist Center discussion entitled ‘Allegations of Racism and Human Rights Violations in Papua’, Friday (22/10/2021).

According to him, Papua is like a beautiful house and attracts many parties. Moreover, the history of the new order government which often uses repressive measures in solving problems in Papua.

“In fact, when we talk about the implementation of Pancasila, we are talking as children of the same nation from Sabang to Marauke. Now our task is how we echo Pancasila throughout Indonesia,” said Ronald. Quoted

Regarding human rights, racism, emancipation and terrorism, Ronald said, these are often issues that foreign countries play against a number of countries that have qualified natural resources. This is something that Indonesia must be wary of.

“We must be aware of the issues that are being played in Indonesia itself. If we let this issue of human rights roll on, it will be dangerous, while those (who fry the issue of human rights and racism in Papua) speak from abroad and are facilitated by other countries,” he said.

To solve the problem in Papua, continued Ronald, one must use an ideological approach.

“Both from Papua and the government and sit down together. If we let it, it will become a thorn in the flesh in the government,” he explained.

According to Ronald, development in Papua must continue to be encouraged. So that no Papuan people feel they are stepchildren in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

“So that the Papuan people get the same thing as other regions. Papua must have qualified facilities like Jakarta,” he said.

The discussion was also attended by the Chair of the West Papua Youth Organization, Armando Rilon Idorway, Deputy Head of the BP Setara Institute, Bonar Tigor Naipospos, and a senior researcher from LIPI, Hermawan Sulistyo. ***