Because the Driver Takes Tissue, Avanza Enters a Gorge in West Sentani District


The Toyota Avanza fell into a ravine in Maribu Village, West Sentani District, precisely on the hillside of the Nasendi Tribe grave, Sunday (11/21/2021). It is suspected that the driver lost control because he took a tissue. The Toyota Avanza car with number PA 1581 JN driven by a man with the initials RH (19) along with five other people, namely SI (30), KFA (33), KH (33), AF (43) and FL (21). All of them are residents of Keerom Regency.


West Sentani Police Chief Iptu Sugarda Aditya explained that at the time of the incident, the driver and five other passengers were about to return from Amay beach. However, the car he was driving had an accident in Kampung Maribu. “The traffic accident began when the driver and passengers were about to return to Keerom district after recreation, after arriving at the TKP the RH driver was repairing the tissue on the dashboard and suddenly the car immediately fell into a ravine,” he said, quoted from the official portal of Public Relations of the Police, Monday (21/03/2020). 22/11/2021).

Residents who saw the accident immediately evacuated the victim from the ravine. Now the single accident has been handled by the West Sentani Police. The driver and passengers have been taken to the nearest health center for treatment.