Battalion 512 TNI Task Force Distributes Notebooks to Elementary School Students at Perbayasan RI-PGN


PAPUADAILY –TNI soldiers from the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PGN Mechanical Infantry Battalion 512/QY lead by Denpos Lettu Inf Suwandi distributed notebooks to students at Naramben Elementary School, Skanto District, Keerom Regency, Papua in the border area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The Commander of the Task Force (Dansatgas) Mechanized Infantry Battalion 512/QY Lt. Col. Inf. Taufik Hidayat in his statement at Keerom, Tuesday (12/10/2021), revealed that this activity was in the context of the 76th Anniversary of the TNI in the area which was carried out by Pos Arso XIII and was a concrete manifestation of the task. The 512/QY Mechanized Infantry Battalion assists the government in advancing the world of education in the border areas of Papua and PNG.

“The Battalion 512/QY Task Force is committed to supporting the advancement of education in border areas. This has been prepared long before the Battalion 512/QY Task Force leaves for Papua,” he said.

He explained that positive activities continue to be carried out by the 512/QY Mechanical Infantry Battalion Task Force Arso XIII for the advancement of children’s education in the Ri-PNG border area.

He revealed that similar activities had been carried out in all posts of the 512/qy Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force.

“The time and mechanism for the distribution will be arranged by the posts themselves. It is hoped that the assistance of writing books from the Battalion Battalion 512/QY can increase students’ enthusiasm for learning and gain knowledge so that superior Papuan human resources are formed,” he said.

During a visit to SD Naramben, Denpos Arso XII Lettu Inf Suwandi distributed notebooks to all students who were studying in their respective classrooms.

“This activity is part of a means to strengthen the relationship with teachers and other ranks at SD Naramben,” said Suwandi.

A teacher representative, Bram (47), expressed his gratitude for the help of notebooks given by the personnel of the Pamtas Pamtas Battalion 512/QY to their students.

“Students at SD Maramben were very excited when they saw the arrival of TNI members who had distributed notebooks,” he said.