Bank Papua Becomes Number One Bank as a Subsidized Mortgage Distributor


PAPUADAILY –Bank Papua becomes the Regional Development Bank (BPD) as the largest subsidized housing loan (KPR) distributor until 2020. While in second position is BPD Bank West Java (BJB).

Director General of Infrastructure Financing, Public Works and Housing of the PUPR Ministry Eko D. Heripoerwanto said this in a virtual discussion, Wednesday (30/06/2021).

From 2015 to 2020, Bank Papua was recorded to have distributed subsidized mortgages for 8,705 houses. Bank BJB is in the order of realization of the largest subsidized mortgage by reaching 8,694 housing units.

The third place is Bank West Kalimantan with 3,757 units, followed by Bank Sumsel Babel with the realization of 3,757 units and Bank Sumut with 3,686 units.

According to Eko, BPD Syariah with the largest realization of subsidized mortgages was carried out by Bank Sumatra Utara Syariah with realization reaching 5,350 units, followed by Bank BJB Syariah with 4,904 units. Then Bank Jatim Syariah 2,511 units, Bank Sulselbar Syariah 1,110 units and Bank Kalsel Syariah 965 units.

“In total, the realization of the housing subsidy performance for the last six years, from 2015 to 2020, from all mortgage subsidy distribution banks reached an average of 202,666 units per year,” said Eko.

Meanwhile, the performance achievement of the Difference in Advance Payment Assistance (SBUM) which is complementary to the Interest Difference Subsidy (SSB) and Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) is an average of 139,579 units per year.

The housing subsidized mortgage lending banks include BUMN Banks, National Private Banks, BPD Banks, Sharia BUMN Banks, and Sharia BPD Banks. Although there was a decline in 2018 but in general the performance of housing subsidies can be maintained consistently even during the COVID-19 pandemic.