Army Chief of Staff to Soldiers in Papua: Don’t Even Think About Killing


The Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General TNI Dudung Abdurachman, reminded the soldiers who served in Papua to love the local community and never hurt people’s hearts.

“Don’t even think about killing, you have to love the people and you have to show compassion to the Papuan people. You have to be kind to the Papuan people, don’t hurt them,” said Dudung while giving a briefing to TNI AD soldiers, Persit KCK and the Battalion Task Force. PR 328/Dirgahayu at the 754/ENK20/3 Kostrad Raider Battalion Headquarters, in Timika, Papua, Tuesday (23/11).

His visit to Timika was his first visit to Papua since being sworn in as Army Chief of Staff by President Joko Widodo last Wednesday (17/11) at the State Palace, Jakarta.

Arriving at Mozes Kilangin Airport in Timika, Dudung was greeted by the Daily Executive Head of the Papua Regional BIN, Major General TNI Napoleon and the Commander of Korem 174/Anim Ti Waninggap, Brigadier General TNI Bangun Nawoko, and a number of other high-ranking officials.

General Dudung said that his visit to Papua, especially to the Timika region this time was in order to visit the Operations Task Force in Papua to listen to various inputs from soldiers and find solutions to overcome the difficulties faced by soldiers in carrying out operational tasks in Papua.

Dudung stated that TNI soldiers must be able to embrace armed groups so that they can return to the fold of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The task force does not have to fight the KKB, but they need to be embraced with a pure and sincere heart because they are our brothers. Success in their duties is not measured by getting weapons but how our brothers can realize and return to the lap of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

To the soldiers of the Indonesian Army, Dudung advised that they serve in Papua for the sake of serving the nation and state, as well as protecting and protecting the Papuan people.

The benchmark for the success of a TNI soldier’s duties, he said, is if they are loved, loved, proud and admired by the Papuan people.

“When you finish the Task Force and the people cry for you because they still want you to work and live with them, it means that you have won the hearts and sympathy of the Papuan people,” he said.

After giving briefings to TNI AD soldiers in the Timika area, he continued his working visit to Jayapura, the capital city of Papua Province.