Army Chief of Staff Dudung Abdurachman: Don’t Think About Killing KKB, But Safeguard the Papuan People

KSAD Dudung Abdurachman: Jangan Berpikir Bunuh KKB, Tapi Amankan Rakyat Papua

Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurachman reminded Indonesian Army soldiers in Papua not to think about killing armed criminal groups (KKB). He said their job there was to carry out the state’s duty to protect the Papuan people who are currently being intimidated by armed radical groups.

Dudung said that in carrying out this task, soldiers must remain vigilant and pay attention to the safety factor.

“If an incident occurs, they (KKB) take an action, you must be ready, but basically that your task in Papua is how to secure and save Papuans,” said Dudung in a written statement, Thursday, November 25, 2021.

This was stated by Dudung in front of the officers and unit commanders (Dansat) of the Kasuari Kodam at the Kasuari Makodam Hall, Arfai, West Papua, today. Dudung also asked the Soldiers on duty in Papua to always be present in the midst of the difficulties of the Papuan people and never hesitate to come down to help solve problems that arise.

“Love the Papuan people as we love ourselves with all kinds of limitations, the TNI must be present as stated in one of the daily orders of the Army Chief of Staff, whatever the people need, we must know,” said Dudung.

As a leader, he felt he had to know the situation that was developing, especially in the Papua region. In addition, he must also be brave and not afraid to take risks by prioritizing his conscience.

“You have to be sensitive to situations where if you disturb your unity and integrity, you have to be there,” said Dudung.