Approaching December 1, 2021, Residents: Papua remains red and white


A group of residents in Keerom Regency which consists of community leaders and former TPN OPM combatants in the Keerom region issued a statement of position ahead of December 1, 2021.

December 1 is claimed by groups or sympathizers of Papuan independence as West Papua’s independence day. Received rejection from some Papuan people.

Quoting — network, Herman Yoku has always made a declaration and an attitude from the traditional leader of the Keerom region. Responding to December 1 which is claimed to be the Independence Day of West Papua.

Here are 5 points of public attitude statement ahead of December 1st:

  1. Inviting all elements of Papuan society to reject the OPM Anniversary on December 1st.
  2. Request all security forces to take firm action against any group celebrating the OPM Anniversary.
  3. Strictly reject the separatist groups who often make people suffer and hinder development.
  4. Invite all people to keep the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and Papua in the lap of the Republic of Indonesia.
  5. Papua remains red and white, Papua NKRI, Papua Peace.