Andika Perkasa Visits Papua Next Week, Explains Handling of KKB

Andika Perkasa Kunjungi Papua Pekan Depan, Jelaskan Penanganan KKB

TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa said he would leave for Papua next week. Andika wants to speed up vaccination in Papua to discuss a new concept of handling terrorist armed criminal groups (KKB).
“Hopefully next week, I will go to Papua. I will announce it there. That’s for sure, the main thing was that (handling KKB),” Andika said when met at the National Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Tuesday (23/11/ 2021).
Andika said that he and the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo had discussed the details of the new concept in dealing with the KKB. It is known that the Indonesian National Armed Forces and the National Police jointly crushed the KKB in Papua through the Nemangkawi Operations Task Force.

“Because there is also overlapping tasks that we both do. Or two TNI and Polri institutions, and we discussed that in quite detail earlier,” said Andika.
Furthermore, said Andika, the percentage of vaccination in Papua is still below 50 percent. It also encouraged him to visit Papua.

“And later I will go there, at the same time because Papua is also one of those whose vaccination rate is still below 50 percent. So next week I will go there, to try to speed up the percentage of vaccinations,” he added.

“We will try to catch up this week, two weeks. So that they can follow other provinces more than 50 percent and even at the end of the year according to the target that has been set by the government at 70 percent,” he continued.

Previously, Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives Lodewijk Freidrich Paulus said Andika planned to no longer use a war approach in dealing with the Papua issue. He said Andika would use a soft approach.

“The principle he conveyed earlier was how to win a battle without war,” said Lodewijk to reporters, Saturday (6/11).

“It means that there is a soft approach that he takes, a social approach that he takes. In the end, the problem can also be solved. We hope so,” he continued.

Andika is said to be resolving the conflict in Papua by utilizing territorial development operations. He said the TNI prioritized communication.

“His mainstays are not combat units, but territorial units that have been deployed, starting from Babinsa, Tamtama, and Kodim, and that is what has been strengthened,” explained Lodewijk.

Lodewijk claims Andika Perkasa has started preparing a territorial unit in Papua. The soldiers were specially selected beforehand.

“Mr Andika has started by deploying territorial units there, because they are taken from all Army soldiers, of course they are selected because they speak, there are special criteria for a soldier,” he said.