Ahead of PON Papua, Garuda and Batik Air Increase Flight Frequency to Timika


PAPUADAILY –Supporting the successful implementation of the XX National Sports Week (PON), Garuda Indonesia airlines and Batik Air increase the frequency of flights to Timika’s Mozes Kilangin Airport.

GM Garuda Indonesia Timika I Nyoman Teguh in Timika, Tuesday (15/9/2021), said Garuda Indonesia’s fleet of planes every day (except Sunday) flies to Timika with the Jakarta-Makassar-Timika-Jayapura route and vice versa.

Meanwhile, starting in early October, Garuda Indonesia will add 10 more flights to Timika Airport. Some fly directly from Jakarta to Timika and vice versa, there are also routes Jakarta-Makassar-Timika-Jayapura and vice versa and there are also routes Jakarta-Denpasar-Timika-Jayapura and vice versa.

“For extra flights the dates are not sequential. The additional ones are September 26, September 28, September 29, September 30 and so on,” explained Nyoman. Quoted by ANTARA.

According to him, the addition of Garuda Indonesia flights to Timika Airport is to transport athletes, officials and contingents from various provinces who will compete during the XX PON in Timika.

Although there will be additional flight frequencies to Timika Airport, Garuda Indonesia will still apply normal ticket rates.

“There is no increase in ticket prices. We apply ticket fares according to the upper limit system by providing ticket sub-classes where the prices vary,” said Nyoman.

Meanwhile, Batik Air airline from the Lion Air Group plans to reopen direct flight routes from Jakarta to Timika and vice versa starting September 16.

This route has previously been flown by Batik Air aircraft, but stopped operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the implementation of PPKM (implementation of restrictions on community activities) Level IV some time ago.

“Starting September 16, there will be two Batik Air airplanes serving flights to Timika. One is the Makassar-Timika-Jayapura route and vice versa which has been running so far and the other is the Jakarta-Timika route and vice versa,” explained Lion Air Group Airport Manager Timika Imran.

In the past week, he said, the demand for Batik Air flight tickets for the Jakarta-Makassar-Timika-Jayapura route and vice versa has begun to increase dramatically with the seat occupancy rate on the plane reaching 90 percent to 95 percent.

Currently Batik Air operates a fleet of Airbus A-320 aircraft to Timika Airport with a passenger capacity of 156 people for business and economy classes.

“The demand for tickets started last week, from this week to next week there is a huge increase, that’s why we opened and added flights to Timika Airport,” said Imran.***