585 TNI-Polri Personnel are Planned to be Deployed to Secure the Papua PON Football Final


PAPUADAILY –A total of 585 TNI-Polri personnel are planned to be deployed to secure the Papua PON final football match between the Papuan team and the Aceh team on Thursday, (10/14/2021) at the Mandala Field in Jayapura.

The number of security personnel is the number that was deployed when securing the semifinals of the men’s soccer match PON XX, Tuesday (12/10/2021) which took place in two locations. Namely the semifinal of a football match between the Papuan team against East Kalimantan at the Mandala Jayapura stadium. Another semifinal between the Aceh team against East Java at the Bas Youwe stadium, Jayapura Regency.

Kasat Samapta Polresta Jayapura City AKP Septinus Osleky as the Head of the Football Sports Security Team at the Mandala Stadium, Tuesday (12/10/2021) said that securing the semifinal match also involved a bomb disposal team (jibom) from the Papua Brimob.

The number of personnel involved in the security is for the smooth and safe competition while still adhering to health protocols.

“Officers always urge people watching live at the Mandala stadium to comply with the COVID-19-related procedures,” said AKP Osleky. Quoted Antara.

He added that for the football final between Papua and Aceh there was no additional personnel.

“There is no plan to add personnel for the men’s football final between Papua and Aceh which will be held on Thursday (14/10),” added AKP Osleky. ***