350 Papuan Middle School Students Sent to Java and Bali


PAPUADAILY –In order to improve human resources (HR), the provincial government (Papua Provincial Government) sent 350 students to study in various areas on the islands of Java and Bali.

Head of the Papua Province Education, Library and Regional Archives Service (DPPAD) Christian Sohilait said the sending of these students was an implementation of the Secondary Education Affirmation (Adem) program held by the Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) every year.

“On behalf of the governor, we appreciate being able to continue this extraordinary program since 2013. This is the second year during the Covid-19 (pandemic) we send children to study cities in Indonesia to be helped,” said Sohilait when releasing 350 junior high school students.  in Jayapura on Thursday (1/7/2021)

Sohilait explained, Adem is one of the most effective programs to improve human resources (HR) in Papua. He also appealed to the parents of selected students to support their children in carrying out their studies.

“For parents who send children, let’s trust the central government in the study city to look after these children,” said Sohilait.

Meanwhile, for students who were sent to Java and Bali, Sohilait advised them to always be disciplined in carrying out health protocols (prokes). However, the Papuan provincial government delayed sending students to the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) because the Covid-19 case there was high.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sub-Coordinator for Student Functions of the Directorate of Community Education and Special Education (PMPK) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendibud Ristek) Rahmat Rahmawan positively assessed the Papua Provincial Government’s Adem program.

According to Rahmat, the Adem program is one of the breakthroughs that is considered to have the most satisfactory results in efforts to improve the quality of human resources in Papua.  And many Adem graduates are successful after graduating from college.