121 Shorinji Kempo Athletes from All Over Indonesia Are Confirmed to Appear at PON Papua


PAPUADAILY –A total of 121 athletes or kenshi from all over Indonesia are ready to compete at the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON), October 2-15 2021. This was said by the Secretary General of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Shorinji Kempo Brotherhood (PB Perkemi), Arief Chandra Setiawan.

“There are 121 athletes from 20 provinces who have qualified and will set foot on Bumi Cendrawasih as the host of PON XX, and join 19 athletes as host Papua,” said Secretary General of PB Perkemi Arief Chandra Setiawan in a press release received by ANTARA in Kendari, Monday night. (13/9/2021).

He said the arrival of 121 shorinji kempo or kenshi athletes from all over the country was aimed at enlivening the XX PON national celebration in Papua.

These athletes are Kenshi who passed the qualifying round in South Kalimantan in 2019, precisely in Banjarbaru City.

“However, the total number of athletes above does not include officials, managers and coaches, around 70 people who will be expected to arrive on October 6, 2021, have simultaneously landed in Papua,” said Arief.

Furthermore, he said the team from PB Perkemi had directly inspected the shorinji kempo sports arena at the Sports Center (GOR) of the Gospel Church Theology College in Indonesia (STT GIDI), Sentani, Jayapura Regency.

“Today, the PB Perkemi team led by sensei Yudi Siwantoro has arrived in Jayapura Regency for a visit to the competition arena, and continued with technical guidance (technical guidance) and event tests,” said Arief.

He revealed that the visit, which is scheduled to last until September 16, also aims to check the readiness of match equipment and match equipment as well as hold a goods handover event at the STT GIDI GOR which is approximately 2.5 kilometers from Sentani Airport.

After seeing the arena of the match, he also made sure that the shorinji kempo sport was ready to be competed, and it would take place on October 9-13, 2021.

“Therefore, we hope that all athletes or sports contingents of shorinji kempo will land simultaneously in Papua, on October 6, 2021. After that, immediately register, weigh, manager meetings and technical meetings to conduct drawings for participants,” said Arief. ***